How to travel to Qeshm Island?

بلیط هواپیما قشم

If you plan to visit Qeshm, you may wonder the best way to get to the island. The truth is that many options are available, from domestic and international flights to buses and trains. Whether you’re coming from Tehran, Bandar Abbas or even Dubai, find out how to get to Qeshm Island in this article.

Travel from Dubai to Qeshm Island with International Flights

Did you know you can enter Iran directly by Qeshm Island via Dubai? Indeed, there are four flights a week between Qeshm Dayrestan International Airport (GSM) and Dubai International Airport (DXB).

As the flights are operated by the Iranian companies Qeshm Air and Iran Air, you won’t be able to find them on international platforms such as Skyscanner, but you can check directly with these companies or ask an Iranian travel agency. 

The duration of the international flight between Dubai and Qeshm is less than 30 minutes. Yet, it’s not cheap, and you should expect about 100 to 150 euros for a one-way ticket.

Visit Qeshm Visa-Free or collect your VOA at Qeshm Dayrestan International Airport

Qeshm Dayrestan Airport is ideally located in the centre of the island, at the entrance of the geopark area. It is 15 minutes away from Coludang in Dehkhoda village, from the Mangrove Forest (Dehkhoda Jetty), and from Kandaloo Port (to access Hengam Island). As it’s a pretty small airport, you will be outside in the blink of an eye! 

Upon arrival, you can either enter Qeshm visa-free for one month or collect your visa on arrival (VOA) to travel to the mainland (note that you must obtain your visa authorization notice in advance via an authorized agency).

Iranian Domestic Flights to Qeshm Island

The most common way visitors travel to Qeshm Island is by domestic flights. There are many flights between Qeshm Island and the rest of the country, especially during the high season. There are many daily flights between Tehran and Qeshm and weekly flights to/from Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad.

The price and duration of the flights to Qeshm Island is between 1 and 2 hours. In 2024, flight tickets from Tehran usually range around 20.000.000 rials, including checked-in luggage, which is about 40 euros. We recommend booking your flight with Qeshm Air, the most reliable company, to avoid delays and cancellations.

When and How to Book your Flight Tickets to Qeshm?

A few years ago, coming to Qeshm Island didn’t need much planning. But times have changed, and Qeshm has become one of Iran’s main winter tourist destinations. As a consequence, plane tickets are quickly sold out, and you should buy your flight ticket to Qeshm at least one month or one month and a half in advance.

Once again, due to international sanctions, you won’t be able to book your domestic flight tickets by yourself with your credit card. To book your tickets to Qeshm, contact a local Iranian agency online.

The best time to visit the island varies slightly each year according to Qeshm’s weather, but generally, the tourist season starts in October and lasts until the end of April. Weekends and national holidays such as 22 Bahman (around the 11th of February) and Nowruz (from the 21st of March) are particularly popular, so make sure to book your tickets as soon as they are available for sale if you plan to travel during these holidays.

Remember that you should consider staying 3 or 4 nights in Qeshm to appreciate the island and arrange your accommodation simultaneously with your flight ticket, as these also get full quickly. At Coludang, our guests generally arrange their stay with us two months in advance or more. So, get in touch with us as soon as possible!

Enter Qeshm Island from Bandar Abbas by Flight or Train

If you can’t find any flight tickets to Qeshm Island, you can consider flying to Bandar Abbas. There are several daily flights to Tehran and weekly flights to other cities of Iran, such as Shiraz or Tabriz.

You can also arrive in Bandar Abbas by train from Tehran, but it’s quite a long journey: it takes about 20 hours! The train has 4- or 6-person sleeping compartments, shared bathrooms, and a restaurant.

However, keep in mind that arriving in Bandar Abbas will add about 2 to 3 hours of transportation to your trip. Indeed, once at Bandar Abbas Airport, you must take a taxi to the port and then cross with the ferry.

Ferries from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island

Travelling from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island by ferry is easy. There is one departure per hour to Qeshm Island between 6 AM and 10 PM, and it takes one hour to reach the island. Usually, the departure time is on the hour, but it can be sooner once it gets full.

To take the ferry from Bandar Abbas to Qeshm Island, you should go to Haqani Port. You will need to show your passport to get a ticket, which costs less than 5 euros.

Once you’ve arrived on the other side, at Shahid Zakeri Port, located on the island’s western end, in Qeshm City, we can arrange a taxi to drive you to Coludang (about 45 more minutes). Just contact us in advance to organize your transfer.

Note that Haqani port in Bandar Abbas is a passenger ferry. If you travel by car, you must enter Qeshm Island via Bandar Pol, which is located 80 kilometres west of Bandar Abbas. The crossing takes about 20 minutes, and you will arrive in Bandar Laft.

Arrive directly on Qeshm Island by bus

Another way to travel to Qeshm Island from other cities in Iran is by bus. You don’t need to take a bus to Bandar Abbas and then cross with the ferry. Instead, you can book a bus from Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kerman, and many other cities to Qeshm Island directly. The cost is approximately the same, but you will save time and energy.

To cross the Gulf, the bus will go on the car ferry to Bandar Pol and enter Qeshm from Bandar Laft. Usually, buses end their trip in Darghan or Qeshm City, but you can also get off the bus upon arrival in Bandar Laft, located in the centre of the island, about 20 minutes away from Coludang. Simply organize your transfer in advance, as there is no taxi booth at this port.

Visiting Qeshm Island

Plan your Trip to Qeshm Island

There are many ways to reach Qeshm Island; the most suitable will depend on your time and budget. If you are already inside Iran, flights are the best option if you don’t have much time to travel. If you travel on a budget and have enough time, or depending on the city you are coming from, you may also want to consider buses and trains, which are more time-consuming but cheaper.

It can also be an interesting option to start your trip to Iran by Qeshm Island, with a direct flight from Dubai (UAE). Whatever your choice is, keep in mind that the sooner, the better! Look for your tickets at least a month in advance to get the best deal. As for the rest, give us a call, and we’ll make your trip to Qeshm unforgettable!